Characteristics of Our typical Custom made Suit:

  • Style: Our suits currently feature two buttons. This European trend keeps the torso looking shorter and the legs looking longer.
  • Shoulders: we use slim padding in the shoulders, like the classic italian, to maintain their natural slope and avoid a boxier look. The goal is to create a natural soft slope up the neck towards the head.
  • Lapels: Our suits feature a standard peak or notch lapel. Both are effective in creating a clean and simple look that can be worn to the office or on the weekend. They also offer great sight lines on the jacket that lead up towards the wearer’s neck.
  • Jacket Length: The length of the suit jacket is cut shorter, like the British style, to make the body look more proportional. It also lengthens the legs, which lead a viewer’s eyes up towards the body.
  • Suppressed Waist: The suit jacket is suppressed at the waist, like the Italian style, giving the body more shape and an hourglass appeal. The goal is to make the jacket as tailored as possible to the man’s unique body shape.
  • Double or single Vents: The type of vents for our custom made suits depends entirely on the personal taste, it also depends on the measurements of your body the type of vent best suited.
  • Slim Trouser: Like the suit jacket, the trouser is cut closer to the man’s body to create an elongated line that is tailored specifically to his shape. This also adds to the modern appeal, by eliminating the cuffed hems and inward pleats for a clean, slim fit.