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 Countries are divided by languages but united by style. Whether you have a business meeting in New york*, a job interview in Berlin*, a black tie event in LA*, your own wedding in DC*, or just a night around town with a special date. Wherever you are, you can be assured that your armory will stand out among the rest.

*If these events sound over the top, the TESTIMONIALS  page will give you an idea of  a few of our clients around the globe.

As your stylist and tailor we understand the cut your body frame requires. Our purpose is to make you look the very best. When you put on a Suit hand made by us, we want you to get the extra edge,  to overwhelm your friends or competitors because thats what suits are made for. If your current suits are unable to do just that, then you need to pay us a visit. 


LA MODA   |   LE STYLE     |     ESTILO    |   STILE    |   GAYA     |   STYL  |  STIJL  |  风格   |   スタイル   |  стиль